our transparent culture

Everyone is in early (and caffeinated!) with delicious chais, cappuccinos and lattes from our local hipster Tapri shops nearby.

Our whiteboards are covered with print-outs of information architectures designed for each unique business’s objectives. Imagine a wall of giant Post-It notes that cover our team’s web design & development, ecommerce workspace. Goals, risks, vision, brainstorming notes, inspiration… everything is printed and surrounding the teams workspace.

Creating intuitive user experiences and effective user interfaces consistently for our clients requires daily collaboration. iTransparity’s account managers and project managers communicate on all projects everyday, Pivotal Tracker for agile development and JumpChart to manage content and wireframes/workflows.

We support these efforts with search engine and social media marketing, conversion optimization, and usability analysis to help our clients grow. The result is a product with measurable ROI. Our results speak for themselves, along with our very satisfied customers!


Cultivating collaboration is key to creating an awesome work environment & producing the best creative work possible. As a unified team, we love & value our relationships.

We are just not colleagues at the workplace, we are friends both in and outside of the office.

Our perfectly balanced team relationships allows us to provide candid suggestions and feedback to one another, ultimately producing a better end-product.


Our office is designed with one simple vision: setting the stage for creative awesomeness. Our designers and developers work side-by-side, allowing them to discuss client projects easily, as well as bounce ideas off one another. We use our large whiteboard wall and hanging art to help draw inspiration from.

P.S. – The endless Green Tea’s,Pastries,Cupcakes,Donuts (& many more surprises) are for nutrition only.


Both as a team, and as individuals, we work to help support local organizations in our community. Together we’ve helped & done our best to support by providing free medical assistance, supporting run/walk events for a cause and scholarship education funding for youth. We are proud of the gratitude & compassion our team has for the local communities we live and work in.


iTransparity is an Agile agency with an awesome twist. The core of our agile philosophy is a simple badge with pride , “Stop starting, start finishing.”

For new employees, including account executives, developers, designers, et al. they are brought up to speed for their first week, after which a formal training is scheduled. The process is based around development, but the philosophy espoused in Agile training works across many different fields of focus.

Our management team are all Certified Product Owners, and practice what the Agile philosophy calls Servant Leadership, wherein managers work to ensure their team is able to work in the most healthy and efficient environment possible.


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